Control of filling of cement silos Silopres

The equipment SILOPRES is thought to realize in a sure way the process of filling of the cement silos, avoiding with it possible hurts to the filters of the silos, overflows for excess of filling or possible pollutions of the material by filling in incorrect silo.

The process of authorization and beginning of load takes place by selection of the operator of plant of the silo to fill by means of pulsation of a key incorporated in the own synoptic of the equipment, more the placement of the hose in the correct silo. Only this way the equipment SILOPRES opens the valve of load of the above mentioned silo allowing his filling.

While a silo is being filled, an overpressure takes place in the same one or an overage, the equipment by means of sonorous sign of alarm warns of the incident and in case of not be solving in the established time, closes the valve interrupting the filling of the silo.

The equipment is commercialized in two models:

  • Silopres C4 control of four silos mounted in surface box
  • Silopres E4 control of four silos thought to be built-in

For the control of maximum and overpressure, it incorporates inside a set of the respective sensors of pressure and level