CO-2014 Control Panel

The CO-2014 Control Pannel presents a new concept in the philosophy of manual and automatic control of a plant of concrete since it allows to select for every push-button, the element of plant to controlling and his form of work.

For the connection of the different elements of the plant, it has been foreseen an exit to a free of tension contact that it can attack directly to the contactors of the electrical pannel of the plant.

The console of control CO-2014 has a Lexan tipe set of buttons, with forty stuffed keys, each of them with one led with high luminescence to indicate the condition of the controlled element. Eight push-buttons (Red) are free disposition for the user and his employment it is thought for those elements which putting in march does not depend on the automatism of the plant, for example a compressor or a water pump, and thirty two push-buttons (Green) are operative depending on the programming of the micro switches incorporated in the board. The above mentioned possibilities are:

  • Push-button function or star/stop function
  • Push-button only operative in manual or in manual and automatic
  • Push-button operative or not for the control of the weight dosed in manual way (it forces to the introduction in the program of management a number of delivery note that has been realized in the day.

Measures of the furniture in millimeters 368 x 450 x 440  (height, width, depth).