Measurement of the density of the recycled water

The requirements contained in the environmental legislation and the need to protect the environment force to avoiding the spillage of dirty waters that take place in the plant due to other motives to the wash of the vats of concrete.

Laboratorios LECA S.L. has designed the equipment of control BADEN-2005 that presents as a compact set formed by a scale of known volume and a control pannel in which there is included, besides the pneumatic and electrical installation, the equipment DNS-2005, which is the manager of the obtaining of the information of the density.

The equipment of control DNS-2005 has besides a supervisor of the density of dirty water of the warehouse or raft, in such a way that it realizes contributions of clean water, in order to diminish the density of the same one when it overcomes the programmed limits.

The information of density obtained by the equipment DNS-2005 is sent to the program of management of plant in order to calculate the contribution of dirty water that will be dosed in the concrete depending on the information introduced by the quality department of the company. The system calculates in addition the weight of the solid particles of the water recycled to compensate the real dosing of water contributing the quantity of water equivalent to the above mentioned weight.

The set is delivered preinstalled in such a way that only the tension supply is necessary (220V) and the capture of air compressed for opening and closing of the valves.