BasculaNET management software for truck scales

BasculaNET is designed to manage the purchases and sales of materials or products by means of weighting of trucks in a scale provided with an electronic headstock.

BasculaNET, an application developed with Microsoft.NET technology who works in Web environment, allowing therefore the visualization of the scale weight and the managing of the program from any work station (PC, Tablet, Mobile phone.) that has connection to Internet.



In case of plants of concrete, the net weight of the raw material that transports a truck, is added of automatic form to the stock in the program of plant GestecNET. This weight is obtained as gap weight between the loaded and empty truck. This form assures among other things the total emptied of the cisterns of cement transport.

It can if one wants to use the program BásculaNET for printing the delivery note of sale of concrete, including the net weight of the product transported by the truck. If the total weight of the truck overcomes the maximum allowed for the truck, the program will show the consequent warning message.