Leca S.L. Company

Laboratorios LECA S.L. is working for more than 20 at the area of the concrete, prefab, aggregates and mortar, automating and computerizing the industrial processes developed by the companies of the sector with more than thousand facilities working in the whole world.

The great accumulated experience and the application of the new technologies has allowed us, to create and to offer to our clients a product of quality and features capable of settling in every moment the needs demanded in the market of the concrete.

Leca S.L. provides the client a set of interlaced applications, package LECA.NET, with which the different sectors of the company are managed and control in a global form: Production, quality, statistics, maintenance, sales order management, control of trucks fleet, etc.

Laboratorios LECA S.L. is a certified company ISO 9001

Quality policy