GEOLEC truck geolocator and transport manager

The equipment Geolec by means of the signal captators installed in the truck, treats and presents on his alphanumeric screen, the information of revolutions, turn directions and pressure of the hydraulic one of the cask, as well as the value of the water added to the concrete from the water tank of the truck.

By means of his integrated GPS, Geolec calculates the coordinates of situation of the truck that sends together with the parameters of the truck status and the events produced in the transport and the unload of the concrete using GPRS, to the program GesproNet which relates the above mentioned information to the delivery note corresponding to the transported concrete.

The equipment is prepared to receive messages of text sent from the programs GesproNet or GesproLite and vice versa. He has the option of connection to a microphone and loudspeaker for communication for voice and an exit for printer that allows him to print on the work the delivery note where is included the information gathered by the equipment of hour of unload of the concrete and manual water dosed.

On having loaded a truck of concrete, the equipment Geolec communicates with the program of plant GestecNET to know when it begins the beginning of unload to the truck and when it finishes. The equipment Geolec, with this information, checks the number of minimal revolutions of load and truck mixing they are over the programmed ones as well as the time of mixing in plant once finished the load to the truck.

Geolec, using the program GesproNET, realizes a closing of the delivery notes of load including the hour of load, end of load, out of plant, come to work, gone out of work, come to plant and dosing of manual water in the truck.