Statistics program StaNET

StaNET is a program that realizes reports and statistics of the management, production and cost of production of concrete facilities.

For the statistical calculation, StaNET consults the information obtained by the program of management of plant GestecNET and the program of management of trucks fleet and centralized production GesproNET

The statistics or generated reports can be, according to selection of the user, absolute type, relative to other values or percentage.

StaNET allows to the user to generate fields calculated for his later use. These calculated fields are obtained applying mathematical formulae designed by the user on the own fields of the database.

StaNET in addition, values the daily production of concrete and presents to the user possible improvements in the historical productions by means of variation of the number of trucks in plant and / or modifying the hours of order delivery.

The program StaNET is the best ally who can be had to know about real form of business condition.