The program Pref-Win, together with the equipment Cantabria forms a powerful set that allows the management and automation of any plant of prefab for any complexity.

The program Pref-Win manages the moisture of the aggregates in manual form or by means of moisture probes, so it is guaranteed a constant volume in the dosing of the aggregates and a water cement ratio without valuable variations. One can install also a moisture probe the mixer giving together a water cement ratio without variations.

For the connection of the probes to the program Pref-Win there is in use the module of connection MCR – 2008 that allows in addition the connection of the equipment Cantabria. The out to Ethernet Network of the module MCR – 2008 allows to see all the peripheral remotely (Even the equipment Cantabria) and therefore to connect the PC in any place in that a connection of network exists.

The income of external requests and the transport of concrete up to the working place complete the automation of the concrete mixing plant.

The program has a report generator and configurable exporter of information for the user who allows to extract from the program the information that are considered to be necessary for his treatment

Other features

  • Animated synoptical in screen, user configurable.
  • Display in synoptical of the consumptions table and errors, cycle to cycle.
  • Automatic and manual managing of the aggregates moisture, with weight correction of all components.
  • Visual indications of the condition of the remote requests. Requested petition, in manufacture, serving.
  • Requests of concrete for position or level, by mouse on icon on screen or by planning of production.
  • Control warnings for automated processes.
  • Report of consumptions per mixing.
  • Report manager, user configurable.
  • Complete management of the production (raw materials, suppliers, transporters, recipes, summary of loads,)..
  • Plant maintenance control.
  • User control by password.
  • Data export, configurable, of all the information.