GesproNET Program

If you have te GestecNet application installed in plant, by GesproNet and and Geolec equipment installed in the truck, you will complete you production system because this application allows you to centralize your concrete orders and manage their delivery by collecting data in real time of the status of the truck fleet and its situation, in addition it will minimize to the maximum the incidences in transport due to the event management covered by the program.

The GesproNet program reads and operates with the same database that the GestecNet program so data entry is not required. At the time of installation, the data of plants, customers, works and trucks are presented in the screen, allowing start using the program from the first moment.

To further facilitate things, GesproNet has a routine that assigns the map coordinates of plants and works automatically. You would never have to worry about the maintenance of these data. When a work is created, when supplying the concrete against that work, Gespronet will assign map coordinates automatically to it.
programa_gespronet_lecaTo evaluate the capacity of each plant, the program reads from them continously the quantity of trucks created in that plant.

The GesproNet program connects in real time with GestecNet application. This allows, when a load is done, create a new record of historic transport, saving delivery note data, truck data and the time of load.

By installing GEOLEC in the trucks, you get a register of possible incidences or event during the trip, an automatic update of arrival time to work, concrete discharge time, departure time from work, and arrival time to plant.

If a truck does not have a Geolec drive, you can emulate the journey by clicking with the mouse on the map and choose the operation you are performing.

If a truck does not have a Geolec drive, you can emulate the journey by clicking with the mouse on the map and choose the operation you are performing.

The control and management of concrete orders is done through menus and screens that allows the operator to view the status of production and interact with different plants and trucks in order to optimize the production.

The program connects online with plant GestecNet program so that orders entered are displayed directly on the production sheet that incorporates the plant program GestecNet.

Concrete orders can also be, if the user has sufficient permissions, created in the plant. These orders will be seen on the orders screen in GesproNet currently with the order created in it.


Concrete orders can be of one trip or several, and the plant can be varied and also the service time by dragging it with the mouse.

Since the customer does not always know the exact supply time for part or all order, the program is designed to support acceptance of orders with trips with delivery time confirmation pending, increases or decreases in total cubic meters, or even order to be confirmed by the customer.

We all know that is not the same to cross a city in a certain hour or another, however, both the company and the customer would like to obtain an approximation of time as close as possible to reality.

To achieve this accuracy, the program has an engine that learns from the journeys made to works and uses them to calculate the average travel time to work, depending on the day’s work and times entered into the program. This allows the client to agree with the time of delivery of concrete with practically no errors.

centralizado_produccion_Gespronet_4To download the work in plant, due to status queries of orders from a customer, we have created the GMCLIENT Mobile application that allows query the status of their orders and the situation in the map of the trucks that are transporting concrete to their works. Customers with access to the application GMCLIENT are selected in the program.


It has also been developed ofr the company the GESPROMOBILE application that allows the query in a smartphone or tablet or PC of the status and situation of the truck fleet, and also production data.

Both applications GESPROMOBILE and GMCLIENT are supplied for free.

In addition to saving the route historic done by the trucks against a delivery note, GesproNet allows to interact with the data displaying by using the different menus the representation in a map or in a board the occurred events.

The representation can be of delivery notes or periods of time. This last selection is valid for other transport vehicles like concrete pumps and even commercial vehicles.

GesproNet also represents in the screen graphically display the parameters of truck speed, pressure and drum revolutions and the added water in the truck corresponding to a delivery note.

The events during loading, transport and unloading are displayed at the top of the graph by an icon of admiration. Placing the mouse over the warning, it is indicated corresponding event.

Through the different program presentation menus, the GesproNet program allows to visualize the different events occurred in a truck at a time or in a specific delivery note, and also a relation of trucks that have produced a certain event, etc.

The ListExp program, which comes with the GesproNet application, allows the user to print, text or Excel the configured reports, and also create its own reports.

GesproNet helps to correct the incidences in transports by detecting them.