Solutions for Concret, prefab, and mortar market

Technical Service
Leca S.L. has technical service capable of repairing and updating the equipments and / or programs installed in his plant.

The technician takes always with him the necessary material to realize a repair directly in plant. In the cases in which it was not possible to complete the repair, the technician will install an equipment of substitution until his repaired unit is ready.

Information of our products
Leca S.L. manufature robust equipments thinking in the final user. Our products can be handled by all kinds of personnel, since they present work menus of easy comprehension.

In all the equipments there is included a self-diagnosis that will inform the operator of possible functioning errors both about the equipment and about the different elements of the installation.

Contracts as customer wish
We offer service contracts to our clients in different ranges that go from a basic maintenance contract for the programs to a contract in which there is included the review of plant in a periodic form or the free repair of the equipments between other features. Consult contracts section for more information.