CIEX-2016 H Micromanager

The equipment Ciex-2016 is a microcomputer that connects with the equipment Cantabria in order to be able to realize the management of the plant of concrete without need to use a computer with a management program.

The set presents an ideal solution for those mobile type plants or without connection to Internet or simply, for those persons who do not wish to use computers in plant.

By means of a USB pendrive, the equipment CIEX-2016 realizes the import and export in Excel format of the tables of production (Recipes, type of cements, delivery notes, consumptions) and management (Clients, works, trucks …) to the equipment Cantabria or, from the equipment Cantabria to the USB pendrive according to selection of option.

The equipment CIEX-2016 realizes the printing of the delivery note in the format selected by the customer and allows to realize reports of the information of production and management using the printer installed in the equipment CIEX-2016.