The CANTABRIA equipment is responsible for the dosage, discharge products and plant automation (mixer, conveyor belts, skyp) including aggregates filling system. It is standard equipment that fits any kind of plant and it is fully configurable by the user from the PC application C WConfig, which is delivered for free.

The CANTABRIA equipment connects to GestecNet management program through its RS232 port, but can be integrated into a local network using the MCR-2008 module so you can operate the equipment from any PC. If you have Internet access, you can access it remotely and perform various maintenance actions: Calibration scales, recovery configuration, remote maintenance, etc.
In case of malfunction of the PC, you can work in standalone mode, whereby the production of concrete in plant is not affected.

Pesaje y automatizacion modulo de red lecaThe STANDARD equipment controls four dosers that can work as configured: By weight, weight loss, per meter or dosage by time. The top version comes to handle up to eight dosers.

Each doser controls up to six products (twelve on top version), with the possibility of dosing by type tune, selectable and adjustable by the user (Double speed, double hulk, hulk opening and closing intermittently…). The maximum precision dosing product is ensured by the dynamic calculation of the amount of material en flight.

equipo-dosificador-modelo-cantabria-lecaTo ensure the fall of material, the Cantabria equipment controls load and unload vibrators installed in the plant up to one for product. These vibrators are activated automatically when it is detected that the load or unload rate product is below than the one programmed. The delay time, connection and standby (intermittence) of the vibrators is configurable.

The equipment configuration is done from the “WINCONFIG” program, that also allows a BACKUP of the structure and configuration of the plant including process times and calibration of the scales. In case of failure is only necessary to replace the damaged equipment by another and transfer the configuration from the PC to restart the production of concrete. It is not even necessary to recalibrate scales. This process of change, as seen, is very simple so it does not require specialized personnel.

In installations where, the necessary number of elements to control is more than 24 inputs or 32 outputs as Cantabria offers, the equipment is expandable via external I/O modules.


In addition the Cantabria equipment and its inputs and outputs expansion modules, the GestecNet program supports endless peripherals among which include the reading module of probes for measuring humidity, air relative temperature and humidity and an equipment for calculating the recycled water density.

agua-reciclada-medicion-densidad-leca-01equipo_medicion_densidad_agua_reciclada_lecaThe BADEN-2005 equipment is designed in order to obtain the RECYCLED WATER DENSITY by weighing it. It comes as a compact set consisting of a 50-liter scale and a control in which, besides the box pneumatic and electrical installation includes the DNS-2005 equipment which automates scale processes.

The assembly is preinstalled such that the power supply and the compressed air for opening and closing of the valves is only required.

The system also has potential-free output for connecting pumps and agitators of the raft.

By using MOISTURE MEASURING probes by microwaves we got a real calculation of the water cycle as well as a correction of the material weight based on the obtained moisture.

If the water to be deducted is in part or totally recycled, shall be taken into account in the amount to be substracted, the amount of solid redidue that is contained in the recycled water.

The meter of TEMPERATURE AND AIR RELATIVE HUMIDITY, THAR-200 lets us know and print in the delivery ticket the air temperature and air relative humidity. It ensures the customer that its production was carried out in a temperature range that does not affect the quality of the manufactured product.

This device is wireless and powered by batteries. You can install it by yourself whenever you want and choose the most suitable situation sheltered form direct sun.

The SILOPRES equipment is responsible for controlling the filling of the cement silos. Silopres is a standalone device that by a pneumatic valve installed in the filler pipe cement silo controls, the silo filling pressure and the maximum filling level. In case of silo full or excess pressure silo, the equipment connects an alarm and does not allow further loading. Also, the equipment Silopres launches vibrators of bag filters in order to clean them.


The GestecNet program with the dosage equipment Cantabria is a practical and vanguard solution for the automation and management for concrete plants.

Programa gestion de planta gestecNET LECAA prominent feature of this program is that this application is developed in Web environment and Microsoft.NET technology so that you can access to the data can be done through Internet.

Although the application is Web type, its installation is done on the local computer in the plant. To work with the program we will use the Internet Explorer, which is preinstalled in the machine. This allows the plant to run the program independently, but also connect to the plant remotely, from any terminal with Internet connection or cable connection (LAN). We can therefore create many local workstations in order to perform different production tasks or remotely to vary the formulas, manage any data, such as customer risk and block the concrete supply to him.

programa_gestion_monit_plus_lecaIf we have internet connection, once the program GestecNet Server is installed and configured, using the replication program, developed by our company and based in mirror copies, we can centralize all information in the office.

While there is no connection failure between the plant and the central office, the data generated in the plant are replicated to the database in the central office and vice versa. In case of connection failure, the plant continues to work feeding on their local data and when the communication is reestablished an automatic updating of data both in plant and in Central office occurs.

The plants also sent continuously to GestecNet Server program status data of the plant and what they are doing. These data once decoded allows an authorized user to view in real time what is producing the plant.

If an authorized user is out of the office, since the program is developed in a Web environment, having an smartphone, Tablet or PC with Internet access you can connect to the central server or any plant and do any operation.

The program has an updater module called APL that checks if there are updates in our company servers or in your own server (programmable). Updates can be done automatically or during the night. In this case, the program checks that the update is complete and properly done and shuts down the computer when the process is completed.


Preloading module

The GestecNet program has a function of preparing loads allowing the operator of the plant or remote user to enter new data loads, including if desired, the truck that will transport them.
This also allows to increase production, that the truck drivers select the productions assigned to them. In this case is installed, next to the charging port, a system startup and shutdown dosage.


Multi load module

modulos del programa gestecnet modulo multicargaThe program allows you to launch more than a load to the production equipment Cantabria so that the process of the new load begins at the time the corresponding scale is empty. To avoid possible unload on the ground it is provided a message in the validation screen at the beginning of truck unload.

Control mix and unload speed module

For plants without mixer, can be parameterized up to ten forms of unload premix according on the dosed formula and ten unload speeds according to the truck that will transport the concrete.

Data transfer between GestecNet program and invoicing progam module

To import data from external invoicing applications, GestecNet has a specific import tables. These tables are always empty, and when an application writes information on them, GestecNet processes it, and implements to its tables and finally clears the input registers.

To export, GestecNet has a view of purchasing and sales tickets that can be read by an external application.
All views have a field named “Exported” that can be used by the external application to check that data has been read and processed by it.

If you only want to transfer production GestecNet has a module named ExpoNet that allows the selection of the fields to export, the order and format (Excel, TXT.) among other parameters.

Fraud control module

modulos_del_programa_gestecnet_modulo_control_de_fraudeTo prevent fraud, GestecNet program constantly monitors the state of the scales. When an increase in weight in a scale occurs GestecNet sends to the server the value of manual loading with date and time on it. In case of connection and / or disconnection or reset (Reset) program also sends the server date and time of the process performed



MANTENET.-  Plant maintenance module

modulos_del_programa_gestecnet_modulo_mantenetThe plant maintenance module Mantenet included in GestecNet program allows the company to manage the maintenance of the system automatically.

In this module you can select the maintenance to be done of the different elements of the plant for periods of time, running hours or number of connections.

Upon reaching the established maintenance plan, the program sends emails to individuals or companies created for that maintenance.

For each item of plant, maintenance module allows to include documents with information of the maintenance done and end sheet of the maintenance done.


WIN-TIME.-Control of production processes

modulos del programa gestecnet modulo win-timeThe WIN-TIME program does an automatic recording in Excel or Access format of plant time or times of starting and stopping of the various components of the concrete plant so that a complete diagram of the concrete production is obtained.

The document created shows the theoretical weights, dosing errors, loading time and the load cycle.

For the mixer, it is saved mixing ongoing, mixing time and unload time.

For vibrators, conveyor belts, it is saved time ongoing and number of connections of the different cycle elements.

GESTECMOBILE.- Mobile application GestecNet

modulos_del_programa_gestecnet_modulo_gestecmobileAlong with GestecNet program is delivered for free the GestecMobile application.

With this application you will have at your fingertips your concrete plants and you can view production data, change formulas or block concrete supply to customers and more.

See in real time the same synoptic Web you can see from your workstation at the plant. Know what has been the total production of the company at the end of the day.