Plant Maintenance CMPKN

This contract is thought for those companies that wish, besides supporting the equipments and programs, to realize checks of the plant of concrete. By means of these checks there will be detected the possible failures or imbalances of the installation repairing the same ones if one can and raising a document of the initial condition and end of the plant.

The services included in this contract are:

  • PROGRAM UPDATE. The substitution of program (s) for the new version updated.
  • MEMORY EQUIPMENT UPDATE. Update of the software version of the equipment (s) contracted.
  • SATT SERVICE (Technical telephonic Assistance).. Attention and solution of enquiries relating to the functioning and operative of the LECA products contracted.
  • REPAIR SERVICE. LECA will repair for free the EQUIPMENTS and programs included in every contracted plant specified in this contract.
  • SERPRES SERVICE. The subscriber will be able to have an EQUIPMENT without any cost while LECA repairs his included in this contract.
  • FOUR MONTH CHECK. There will be realized checks and calibrations of the scales of the plants of concrete included in this contract every four months.


  • Substitution, repair or reinstatement of the products included in case of incorrect functioning due to the intervention done by persons not authorized by LECA or evil use demonstrated by the part of the client.
  • Recovery of information of magnetic supports or safety copies on discs, diskettes, etc.
  • The amount or price attributable to any material or physical element not included in this contract, governing in such a supposition the rates established by LECA.
  • The change of field facilities and electrical boards.
  • The postage and handling, freightages, displacements, diets, hours of displacement, hotels, tickets of trip, rental cars and materials necessary for the interventions of technical personnel in plant will be always at the expense of the client.