Measurement of the consistency of the concrete

The equipment MCH-2005 M is an indicator of the plasticity of high precision of the concrete that works measuring an interval of the power consumed by the engine of the mixer. He has two independent adjustments on a large scale for channel (tare and profit) that allow to shortlist two types of concrete or different volumes.

In the equipment, it is selected for the indication, the part of the scale of power of the engine corresponding to the margin of correct consistency of the concrete and this one is amplified in order that they appreciate the possible the variations of plasticity. To avoid the fluctuations of the measure owed to the movement of the concrete in the mixer, the equipment has a digital filter adjustable for the user.


  • Continous reading of the consistency of the concrete
  • Adjustment of the zero of the measure
  • Adjustment of the profit of the equipment
  • Adjustment of the oscillation of the measure
  • Visualización para dos volúmenes de hormigón (MCH-2005/M)
  • Peso aprox.: 1.800 g
  • Medidas máximas: 288 x 145 x 128 mm
  • Alimentación: 220 Vac
  • Consumo: 120mA