Manager plant program GestecNET

programa_gestion_de_planta_gestecNET_LECAThe program GestecNET is a Web application developed in .NET for the management of plants of concrete that uses for data treatment the information of SQL Server Express program that is a free license.

For being a Web application, to connect to the program of plant, only is necessary to have a PC with Internet connection and be created as user in the system. This allows to do requests or maintenances of records (clients risks, trucks information, delivery notes ….) without needing to move physically to the plant.

By means of the using of the Program ReplicaNET, the database of the plant GestecNET Server is replicated in the program and vice versa existing both in the plant and in the server the same records. We can consult and maintain the information of the plants by means of a connection with the program GestecNET Server.

The plant always works against his local database, for what in case of failure of connection with the server, the plant can continue working. When the connection is enabled again, it is done an automatic update of the information both in the plant and in the server in case it is installed.


For the visualization of the condition of the plants in remote, the synoptic has been designed in Web environment that allows to an authorized user to see real time and in remotely what are doing the selected plants (displays of weight, component in load and weighing errors, volume, recipes, work names etc.).


  • Managing Program in WEB realized on platform Microsoft. NET.
  • Management of up to four companies for program.
  • Access controlled by users’ management and passwords with configuration of permissions of access to the different menus.
  • Complete management of the plant: Clients, works, trucks, recipes, orders, delivery notes, clients risks, consumptions, etc.
  • Automatic management of the treatment of the humidity of the aggregates using probes of different manufacturers.
  • Automatic management of the calculation of the density of the recycled water. (Equipment DNS-2005).
  • Control and record of the loads realized in manual form.
  • Configuration of up to ten possible adjustments of unload of concrete according to the recipe and the truck.
  • Management of origins of the raw materials purchase
  • Control of risks for client and for work.
  • Management of the maintenances to be done in the plant
  • Sale by contracts to clients. It controls types of concrete to be sold, cubic meters and expiry date of the sales contract.
  • Centralization of all the information of the concrete plants in a PC central server ( Programmes GestecNet Server and program ReplicaNET).seleccion_de_franja_temporal_leca_gestecnet
  • Report Manager with selection of filters of the same ones (Between dates, between clients etc).
  • Manager for the creation of the model of the delivery note to client in a graphical form. The program can have several delivery notes.
  • Automatic backups and updates.
  • Mobile and tablets app for quick enquiries of the quality data and plant production
  • Links to Production Control program and truck fleet control for a complete traceability of the delivery note historical. (GesproNet program).
  • Links to statistical production program. (StaNET program).
  • Control of times of connection and number of connections produced by a plant element by recipe and cycle. (Program WinTime).
  • Export of delivery notes of purchases of raw materials and sales of concrete in format Text, Excel, SQL (Program Wexpo).