Scale to powder additives BASCADITIVE

This design developed by our company offers the possibility of dosing two or four additives in powder according to the model, by means of electromagnetic feeder, with thick and thin adjustment of the dosing speed. Every cask has a volume of 30 dm3 (liters) and has an electromagnetic intensity adjustable vibrator to facilitate the dosing of the product.

The scale of additive that has a volume of 17 dm3 (liters), rests on 2 load cells and the unload is done by means of electrovalve type KL of double

The metallic structure of the chassis is of carbon steel redressed in a priming and one gelds final RAIL for its good conservation. It has a support base at the end of every leg to fix it on a stable platform, as it offers the possibility of joining it to the structure of the plant.


BASCULADITIVE A2 for two additives
BASCULADITIVE A4 for four additives