GMClient Mobile application for the final client

(iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Tablet,…)

The application GMCLIENT is an application for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Tablet, etc. thought for the consumer of concrete (final client) that allows him to see the condition of the deliveries of the realized orders and the situation of the trucks towards the works of delivery for every order of concrete.

The administrator of the program GestecNET, by means of a computerized process, invites by e-mail his preferential clients or to all to using this application, supplying them in a mail a Link (access) to be able to download the application.

By means of this application the final client knows the condition of his different orders with information of the hours of manufacture and delivery of the concrete or hours of estimation of manufacture and / or delivery of the not finished or not made trips.


User: Cliente1
Password: LECA