Cantabria CA.2000 L4 features

• Equipment thought for big concrete mixing plants, mortar, aggregates or prefab.

• Eight eligible channels of dosing like accumulative scale, decremental scale, multi-meter channel, or volumetric doser.

• Twelve products for channel with control of load with thin adjustment of dosing

• Independent vibrators for product and scale with automatic activation depending on the flow of load

• Automation of the process of mixing and unloading up to two mixers with two hatches of unload

• Automation of the route of unload by selection of the same one from the program of management

• Nine remote requests of manufacture.

• Automation of belts or transport wagons of the concrete to different working places.

• Automation of the silos filling silos of aggregates


Note: The equipment does not work in autonomous. Only it can work connected to program of management. MorterWin, PrefWin or GestecNET.