The program Morter-win, developed in Windows environtment, is thought to operate in plants of mortar where it is needed to take an automatic and exhaustive control of the production and maintenance of the machinery.

On having started the program, the synoptic of plant appears on screen. Across this screen is visualized the functioning of each one of the devices. This screen, that is interactive, offers the user, on having placed the cursor of the mouse on the element or wished icon, information about his function, condition and name of the same one, obtaining hereby an easy comprehension of the functioning and managing of the same one.

To the right of the screen they present the different options of the program by means of icons that on having clicked them with the mouse lead to his corresponding menus.

The program MorterWin realizes loads to silo of final product for requests of the user in which the user decides the silo to be loaded and the number of loads to be done, in an automatic form by means of the reading of the level of maximum and minimum. In this way of loading, the program initiates the load when the level of minim is activated and finishes the dosing when there is detected connection of the level of maxim. The program in both cases manages the stock of the raw materials and of the finished product by theoretical or real form if they install load cells in the silos.

For the sale of ended product, the program manages the origin of it, being able to be a direct manufacture of the mixer or supply from the silos of finished product. In the latter case the weight of product is obtained by direct reading from the silo or for weighting in a scale of trucks external to the system. The delivery note, the consumptions, the origin of the load and the total of supplied tons are saved in the database and can be exported to the invoicing program of the client.

Other features

  • Animated synoptic configurable by the user.
  • Visualization in synoptic of the table of consumptions and errors cycle to cycle.
  • Manual and automatic management of aggregates moisture with correction of the components weight.
  • Visual indications of the condition of the remote petition. Requested petition, in production, serving.
  • Mortar requests by level, by mouse upon screen icon, or production planning.
  • Warnings for automation processes control.
  • Reports of consumptions by mixing.
  • Report manager configurable by the user.
  • Complete management of the production (raw materials, suppliers, transporters, recipes, load summaries).
  • Plant maintenance control.
  • Users control by passwords.
  • Configurable data export of all information